Re: Just switched to WORD 2013, any more hot keys suggestions?

Cliff Self

My favorite hotkey in Word 2013 is F12, which brings up an easy to use Save
As box.


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I just switched from WORD 2003 to 2013. The menu bar has been changed to
a ribbon menu for some years now. These ribbons are proving to be an
initial hurdle. I'm tabbing and arrowing in a fruitless search for what
I want.

When the ribbons first came out, Ihad heard that you could use some of
the old Menu Bar hot keys, but that isn't exactly true.

Alt+F doesn't bring up the old File menu.

Some of you provided the hot keys for changing the font.

How do I do a "save as"? That was in the File menu.
If I do a "alt+f a" I get a save as tab. There is no edit field.

How do I open a file? The ctrl+o gives me the open tab and recently
opened documents.
There is no edit field to type in the drive, path file-name that I used
to do.

I got started by using the tree to select an existing WORD document
It was opened by WORD. I could then open it as a recent document.

I just found the JAWS training, as DAISY books. These can be downloaded
so I downloaded the VirtualRibbonMenus.exe. It is an executable file.
How do I get it into a DAISY book format to transfer to my DAISY player?

Thanks for any help.
Peter T.

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