Re: JAWS Is Acting Strange!

Annabelle Susan Morison

When I do that, my computer makes this strange beep, as if I pressed an
invalid command, even though I didn't. What's up with that?

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Try jaws key plus windows key plus f4 to reboot jaws and send error report.

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Hi, it's Annabelle.
Sometimes, when I'm working in a document with Microsoft Word, and even
sometimes when I'm working on the Internet or recording music with Sonar,
will go into the JAWS Window, and when I press the arrow keys, rather than
say "JAWS Version 10.0.1178U", it does this weird thing where it will say,
"JAWS Versioion 10.0.1178U". Has anyone ever experienced this scenario? It
seems the only thing I've done so far to make it go away is press
to unload JAWS, then my hotkey I've created (Control+Alt+Shift+J) to
it again. Sometimes, something strange happens when I press the hotkey to
restart JAWS, I'll get this unusual behavior where JAWS will open several
instances of itself on top of each other, so it sounds like JAWS is
as if it's on multiple tape recorders. What's up with that? Does anyone
how to fix it? If so, how would I fix it?
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