Jaws and Windows 10

Les Kriegler <kriegler@...>

I sent this out yesterday, but it apparently didn't go to the right address,
so here goes.
I just upgraded my Surface Pro tablet from 8.1 to 10. I am running Jaws 16
and 17. Any time I run Jaws 17, latest beta, it crashes, restarts and
crashes again to the extent that it's unusable. I tried uninstalling and
re-installing with no change. The other issue relates to Bluetooth. When I
power on my system, I go to the password entry field. Sometimes, Bluetooth
does not activate as I cannot get my Logitech k810 keyboard to respond. I
know it's not the battery, because if I power off the system and re-start
it. The keyboard will start working. Has anyone else seen either or both of
these issues? I did report the Jaws 17 problem on the beta form. Thanks.


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