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Kevin Hourigan <kevinthourigan@...>

Hello Steve,
Thank you for your response.
I did as instructed, but when I press control q I get a dialog called
Microsoft Visual Basics, with a debug button, an end button, and a help
button. If I press enter on the debug button, and press alt F4, I exit the
dialog. After this the cell does indeed have the desired red border, but is
there a way to eliminate the visual basics dialog, please?
Thanks again,

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Hi Kevin,

In case you're still interested, read on, but it's a lengthy message!

I was able to do this with a macro in Excel 2013 on Windows 7 using JAWS 16.
I don't use the virtual ribbon. If you have different versions, or you use
the virtual ribbon, the specific keystrokes may change. Here's what I did.

I had previously made sure the Developer tab was available on the ribbon in
Excel - it's not by default. To check whether it's there, press Alt to go to
the upper ribbon, then RightArrow across. For me, it's just after the View
tab. If it's not there, you need to go into the Options dialogue to turn it
on. The keytips for this are Alt, F, T.

DownArrow to Customize Ribbon and then Tab to "Ribbon Tree view Excel
Options Home open". DownArrow to Developer. There is a checkbox next to it
which JAWS does not announce. Press Space to toggle the setting - JAWS
doesn't announce it. Press Enter to close the dialogue and check the ribbon
again - the Developer tab should now be there.

Next, open a spreadsheet. Go to the Developer tab with Alt, L, and Tab to
"use relative reference". If it's not announced as "checked", press Space to
check it. For me, this option defaults to unchecked every time I start

Checking the option removes you from the ribbon, so press Alt, L to get back
to the Developer tab and choose Record Macro, keytip R

A dialogue opens. You have to give your macro a name which has to start with
a letter (not a number or punctuation mark) and must not contain spaces.

Tab to the shortcut key edit. All you can specify is a letter. The modifier
is already set as Ctrl and can't be changed. I choose Q usually, because
it's easy to find!

Tab once more to a "Store macro in" combo box and set it to Personal Macro
Workbook if you want it to be available for other spreadsheets.

OK the dialogue and you're finally ready to record the steps you need!
Press Ctrl+1 to open the Format dialogue.
RightArrow to the Border tab
Tab once to the Style list, and DownArrow to "double", which is the last
one, and press Space to select it.
Tab once to Line Colour and press Space to open the Colour picker. This is
an array and there are a number of ways to navigate it to the colour of your
choice. For red, I UpArrow twice to the Standard colour list, then LeftArrow
four times. Press Space bar to select it.
Tab twice to the Presets Outline button, and Space to press it.
Press Enter to close the dialogue.

Now stop recording the macro with Alt, L, R - the same keytips you use for
start recording.

And that should be it!

In my experience, if you press the keystroke on the wrong cell, you can't
press Ctrl+Z to undo it. If you realise you've made a mistake immediately,
you can press Ctrl+1 and you're on the right page of the dialogue, so it's
just a matter of tabbing to the Presets None button and pressing it.

Last thing to mention is that if you stored the macro in the Personal Macro
Workbook, this is a hidden workbook that opens every time you run Excel. To
make changes or delete the macro, you have to open Excel, go to the View tab
and press Unhide - Alt, W, U. Then you can use Alt+F8 to get to the Macro
dialogue and change or remove it.

Have fun!

Steve Griffiths
Senior Assistive Technology Assistant
Working from home in Lancaster
T: 0746 871 1921

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Hello Listers,
Is there a way to set up a keystroke to create a double red border around a
particular cel in Excel, please?
Thanks Kevin.
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