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I am currently using Outlook 2010; but, I think 2013 is about the same.

1. Press alt+f to open the file menus
2. Down arrow to the info tap; but, do not enter.
3. Tab three times and enter twice on accounts.
4. Now press control tab once to change to the next page.
5. The last area on this page is the list of email accounts that you have on
your machine.
6. Up or down arrow to select the account you want to make default and shift
tab to the set as default account option.
7. Now tab to the close button and press spacebar.
I believe this is what you are looking for!

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I have 2 mail accounts in Outlook. How do I set the one I want to the
default account so Jaws will go to that in box when I launch Outlook 2013?
Presently, it takes me into my old account's in box.



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