Re: , a little bit lost Jaws Gestures

Pablo Morales

Hey guys,
Looks like this topic is not interesting for all of you at all.
Anyway, maybe it will be something that you will need. Let me tell you how I fixed my problem.
I was getting problems on my tablet with the lock screen, later I was noticing that jaws 16, and jaws 17 weren't working well either.
First, I modified the register to remove the lock screen, in Google you can find the way if you want to remove the lock screen, the lock screen looks like doesn't have a reason to exist.
Talking with freedom scientific, they told me that the last update of jaws 17, that was out a few days ago, fixed my problems. Now the virtual keyboard appears when I need it, and jaws looks more stable on my both tablets.
Moreover, fs told me that jaws 17 will have support for the touch keyboard, like we have in the iPhones and iPads, that we slide our finger on the screen, and we release our finger from the screen, and it type the character that we want.
Jaws on tablets without keyboard is very very good, it is not like a an iPad or an iPhones yet, but we are going on that direction. I am working on my tablet without any keyboard, and there are still many thing that I need to learn, but it is very good.

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