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Please note, direct download links are located at the bottom of this
message. To navigate to them immediately, perform a JAWS Find,
(Control+Insert+F), and search for the next occurrence of "1." Though there
was a non-tandem build of JAWS 17, Public Beta 2, there does not appear to
be a similar option for Public Beta 3. I will be pasting four download
links total. These are the two locations for each of the standard builds.

The following is taken from this URL:


Enhancements in JAWS 17.0.1008 (Public Beta 3)

The following is a list of improvements made between Public Beta 2 and
Public Beta 3. Note that while many customer reported enhancements are
included in this release, the following is a list of more notable changes.

list of 17 items

. You can now press INSERT+X to temporarily toggle Smart Navigation between
off and Controls and Tables for the current web site. Note that when
toggling Smart Navigation under certain circumstances such as in a table,
focus will not always remain at the location of the toggle. This is because
the virtual document is reformatted as JAWS goes in and out of Screen

. When Smart Navigation is set to Controls and Tables and you move left or
right through table cells, JAWS now plays an ascending sound when you move
from the last column of the current row to the first column of the next row
and a descending sound when you move from the first column of the current
row to the last column of the prior row. JAWS also announces the number of
the row you moved to.

. The Braille Format Settings page in the Startup Wizard has been renamed to
Braille Translation Settings to more accurately reflect the settings on this
page. In addition, the Format Subgroup in Settings Center has been renamed
to Translation to make it easier to find when searching.

. Resolved a customer reported issue with controls in the Winamp library not
working as expected with JAWS 17 running.

. Changed the hot key for the Open Domain File option in the Script Manager
File menu to display the correct keystroke, CTRL+SHIFT+W.

. Resolved an issue with performing a search in Microsoft Office
Communicator not working as expected while JAWS is running.

. When configured for Unified English Braille (UEB), resolved a customer
reported issue where the number-sign and underline symbols were not being
displayed correctly.

. Addressed a reported issue where the braille flash message status was
showing the wrong message type in some instances.

. Improved JAWS performance when navigating large web pages in Firefox.

. If a web page is opened through a link in the Results Viewer for Research
It, addressed an issue where JAWS would not announce page content when
pressing TAB.

. JAWS language detection now works in Forms Mode for reading and editing.

. Resolved issues with reading PDF documents that open in an Internet
Explorer window.

. JAWS now reads dialog description text in Internet Explorer that is
assigned using the ARIA-DescribedBy attribute.

. Addressed instances where live region updates were not always being
announced on certain web pages.

. Resolved issues with the Time Search and Reuters Top News Stories Research
It lookup sources not displaying results as expected.

. Improved JAWS support for the Alarms and Clock app in Windows 10.

. Resolved an issue encountered on some systems where you would not hear a
sound when you attempted to type a character with the SHIFT key while the
CAPSLOCK was currently on. JAWS now plays a distinct sound to alert you.

list end

1. Below is the FTP, (File Transfer Protocol), direct download link for the
32 Bit Standard Build.


2. Below is the FTP, (File Transfer Protocol), direct download link for the
64 Bit, standard build.


3. Below is the HTTP, (Hypertext Terminal Protocol), direct download link
for the 32 Bit, standard build.


4. Below is the HTTP, (Hypertext Terminal Protocol), direct download link
for the 64 Bit, standard build.




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