Re: accessible web editor

Rex Leslie Howard, Jr.

You might try
Give that a shot. If you have any questions, email me directly, mark it as high
priority and put Attention Rex or something specifically related to HTML
editors, etc. I get hundreds of emails a day and sometimes people get lost in
the shuffle if I miss their email the first time through.

You access the toolbars while in the edit fields with alt and thf10 key. There
are some tutorials for that resource but they are kind of vague in some places.
Your best bet of all would be to get a WordPress account and use that WYSIWYG
(what you see is what you get). It's almost 100 percent accessible and you can
generate the page and copy the code to wherever you need it. That's kind of a
long way around the barn to get to the trough but if you don't know how WYSIWYG
editors work, then it's the best possible place for you to start. If you do
understand WYSIWYG, then use the html cleaner link. You can create your pages in
Microsoft Word and have them really and truly cleaned for website presentation.

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I too am interested in a html editor. Sue what do you recommend?


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Give me a call. I might have a good idea for you on this.

Sue B.

On 10/20/15 5:34 PM, Ron Worley Home via Jfw wrote:
Hey guys,

I have been looking for a web page editor/builder for a couple weeks
now and I am very frustrated that there isn't much out there. Does
anyone know of a html editor that works completely with JAWS so I can
build my web site without writing it in Notepad? If possible, I would
like an editor that I could download to my computer. I have tried
Bluegriffon and CoffeeCup and I cannot find any others. I do not know
if I am even using the correct term such as web editor or html editor.


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