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Feliciano G

If you're referring to the information that is red as you navigate the list box of your mail folders, jaws 16 does read all of this information. You may have a corrupt version, you may need to install or repair jaws.

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On Oct 18, 2015, at 7:50 PM, g melconian via Jfw <> wrote:

Hello I am noticing a few issues with outlook 2016 with jaws 16. I suspect
it will be resolved in jaws 17. The fact that the sender information is not
read with jaws 16 with outlook 2016 . All its reading is the subject line .
I don't know how to fix this with outlook 2016 and jaws 16. I am running
the latest version of jaws 16. I don't know if the issue is with jaws 16.
As i use other screenreader like NVDA and I don't notice the issue . So I am
suspecting there are no supported scripts for office 2016 with jaws 16. So
if you guys on jaws 16, just stick with office 2013 till you go to jaws 17
when support is there ffor office 2016 with jaws then upgrade. I made the
mistake of doing this. I will just used NVDA for outlook 2016 and
everything else I will use jaws for.

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