Re: I would like to know when will sonar x 3 be ready?

John Martyn

Yes indeed. I am working on this project every day now. It is tough to get it to work properly with the dll plugin. Registry issues for now.
John Martyn

On 10/13/2015 8:06 PM, Dave Carlson via Jfw wrote:

I had no idea you were involved with this program. You are talking about the
audio/MIDI arranging program from Cakewalk, correct?

Dave Carlson
Oregonian, woodworker, Engineer, Musician, and Pioneer

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It is hard to say. We are working on this issue with the dll file and it
is tricky with the registry. I am working on it though, be assured, good
things come to those that wait.

On 10/12/2015 3:42 PM, david via Jfw wrote:
Hi, this message is for John Martyn. I'm interested in knowing when will
sonar x3 be ready? I can be reached at
<> Thank you

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