Re: Problem with New JAWS v16.0.4463 and Outlook 2010

Paul Martz <skewmatrix@...>

Hi Larry. Thanks for your suggestions, but no luck on my end. I'm on a
Windows 7 64bit system, not Windows 10, so I'm not sure what other things
our computers have in common besides Office 2010.

I don't care to use the JAWS virtual riggon UI in Outlook because, in my
experience, it behaves unpredictably sometimes, so I keep that turned off.
But, regardless of whether I have it off or on, I still have the issue with
reading my message list.

My plan is to see if FS email support comes through for me, which means I'll
do nothing with this for the next few days. Then, as a plan B, I'll try the
JAWS v17 beta. I have two upgrades available in my SMA, so hopefully this
issue does not find its way into a future JAWS release.

Let's keep each other (and the list) updated as we find out more about this.

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Hi Paul

I regret I am not having much success with the latest JAWS16 version:

However, I am having better success with the prior JAWS16 version:
and the latest new JAWS17 beta test version:

I am testing JAWS and Outlook 2010 on a Windows 10 Dell desktop PC and a
Windows 10 Microsoft Surface Pro 3 PC.

The results vary depending on some of the JAWS and Outlook 2010 settings.
In case you have not yet had the occasion, maybe try experimenting with
the settings.

1. Sometimes, but rarely, checking and unchecking the:
"quick setting Outlook 2010 dialog" (InsertV) then down arrow to:
"Virtual ribbon menu"
will result with JAWS announcing what I need spoken out:
the subject title header information along with the 3 preview Outlook
information lines below each email entry.

2. This is important.
For some unknown reason so far, I speculate, maybe JAWS is more
synchronized with the Outlook Screen, when I use the keystrokes:

- pressing the Alt key to land on the virtual ribbon home tab
- then the left arrow to the file tab
- then the right arrow to return to the home tab
- the escape key to return from the virtual ribbon

3. I make sure the virtual ribbon is maximized although it does not seem
matter so far.

- Alt key to the virtual ribbon home tab
- right arrow until landing on"
"minimize the ribbon button"
- then make sure the ribbon is unchecked

Paul, unfortunately, if you are unable to get a upgrade of JAWS, the
I am experiencing so far is directly connected to either a prior or next
upcoming version of JAWS.
If you like, try changing these settings and see if you can get your
running more smoothly.
Otherwise, you might want to try out the latest beta test version of JAWS
I believe although I stand being corrected, you can install the beta
of Jaws 17 using the current JAWS 16 SMA license.
If you find JAWS 17 is more satisfactory, and you can afford it, you might
consider plunging into the latest JAWS 17 version.
In this case, it is possible to alternate using two JAWS version between
JAWS 16 and JAWS 17 whenever you need to use different features of JAWS.
Good luck, Larry

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