Re: Problem with New JAWS v16.0.4463 and Outlook 2010

Paul Martz <skewmatrix@...>

Hi Larry. I heard back from FS support, but their reply was not helpful.
They advised launching outlook with the "-cleanviews" option, which
essentially resets all the views for all the folders. This resolves the
problem, sort of, because it has the side effect of clearing the "show as
conversations" checkbox. But as soon as I manually check that checkbox, the
problem manifests itself again - message info is not read when arrowing
through the list of messages.

So the problem (on my system at least) is specific to the "show as
conversation" checkbox being selected.

I've written back to FS support with this info in the hopes that they can
provide a fix for the issue.

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Regrettably, I have similar problems. I had to go back and install the
previous JAWS version to be able to review this email thread and be
to use the enter key to get into this email message and respond to this

I will be writing a note to the Freedom Scientific technical support team
and hope they may be able to help out.

Larry Marcotte correctly pronounced as Larry Marcaught

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Thanks for everyone's continued help with this issue.

It is not a problem with the Outlook window being minimized. The behavior
the same whether the window is maximized or "restored".

I also played around with the "Customize Outlook Message List" JAWS
a very cool little tool that I hadn't heard of before, and again no luck.
Regardless of how I configured this, I still got the same incorrect

But I finally figured out a workaround. In the "View" tab of the ribbon
I have to uncheck "Show as Conversation". Once I do that, everything reads
correctly. But if I have that checked, then nothing is read as I arrow
through my message list. This is not an ideal workaround, as I rather like
to have messages grouped by conversation, but at least I can access my

I guess my next thing to try would be to completely uninstall JAWS
my own custom settings, then reinstall, and see if that resolves this
After all, no one else is encountering this problem, so it must be
specific to my system.

Thanks, all. I consider this closed, and J Bron can go ahead and hijack
thread now if he wants to. <grin>

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This behavior reminds me of the times I've somehow minimalized Outlook
2010. If this is the problem, the solution is to focus on the Outlook
press alt-space, then x for maximize.

For what it's worth, even though the problem arose after installation
of a JAWS update and this action apparently caused the change, it
doesn't sound like a JAWS issue.

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