Re: Problem with New JAWS v16.0.4463 and Outlook 2010

Dale Alton <blinkydale@...>

What about changing the custom outlook list, with an jaws key+f2? Within
here you are able to change what part of the message line is read.

Denver Dale

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Hi Tom. Thanks for your help with this.

I reset my folder view to the default, but I still get the same behavior:
arrowing down through the list of messages causes JAWS to say nothing,
except when it lands on an unread message, and then JAWS announces "unread"
but that's it. JAWS doesn't announce the sender, subject, or date.

For my typical folder view, I change the following settings:
- Turn the reading pane off.
- Go into View Settings, Group By, and uncheck "Automatically group
according to an arrangement".
- Finally, back in the ribbon UI, select the "Show As Conversations"
But this is irrelevant, as I get the same behavior, whether I'm using my
settings or the default view settings.

Other things I've tried:
- I completely uninstalled JAWS including shared modules, but kept my user
settings. Then reinstalled the current JAWS release.
- I noticed I had some custom outlook2010 files in my user settings,
probably when I was tinkering around with scripts. So I deleted those, then
But, doing the above has had no effect.

Still stumped!

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Hi Paul. I installed build 4463 and took it for a spin with Outlook
on my
Windows 8.1 machine and it worked fine. Everything read as I expected
it too. I was, however, using the default view that I always use.

How is your Outlook view different from the default? Just curious.


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