Direct Download Links For The Latest Jaws16 Update + Changes

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Howdy Y'all,

Below are the direct download links for this latest Jaws 16 update for both
32 & 64 bit systems:

32 Bit:

64 Bit:

Changes in this update:

Enhancements in JAWS 16.0.4463 (October 2015)
The following is a list of improvements made between the JAWS 16 July 2015
release and the October 2015 update.
list of 16 items
• Resolved reported issues where JAWS would not read the Start menu after
upgrading to Windows 10.
• Improved JAWS performance with the Windows 10 Search feature which gains
focus when the WINDOWS Key is pressed to open the Start menu.
• Improved how JAWS works with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM addin for Outlook.
• Addressed a customer reported issue where input fields inside a data table
were being announced twice when navigated to using TAB in Firefox.
• Resolved a reported issue where JAWS was not detecting changes in content
on certain web pages in Chrome unless INSERT+ESC was pressed first.
• Resolved an issue with live regions not being automatically read in
• Resolved issues with the Time Search and Reuters Top News Stories Research
It lookup sources not displaying results as expected.
• When performing a Say All in Microsoft Word, addressed a customer reported
issue where JAWS would continuously read the same line in certain documents.
• In Excel 2013, addressed an issue where JAWS would not read as expected
and Excel would appear to become unresponsive after moving a row.
• Addressed issues related to sluggishness in Excel.
• The scripts for Microsoft Office 2016 are now properly named so they load
as expected with JAWS 16.
• This release includes updated drivers from Eurobraille to enable JAWS to
work with the Esytime display.
• Resolved a customer reported issue where JAWS remote authorization was not
working as expected when using a timed license.
• Resolved multiple issues using reports received through the Error
Reporting feature in JAWS.
• Addressed an issue with the Spanish version of JAWS where the wrong
Braille table was being used after updating, or the Startup Wizard was not
after a full install.
• Addressed issues with JAWS not properly reading Hebrew, even when Windows
is properly configured to display Hebrew text.
list end

Take care.
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