Re: Problem with New JAWS v16.0.4463 and Outlook 2010

Paul Martz <skewmatrix@...>

Thanks Tom, but nothing I've tried so far restores normal behavior. This
seems to be permanently broken in the new JAWS update that was just released

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I don't know if this is the same problem but I find that some times my
outlook acts the same as you describe. I find that if I maximize the
and alt tab away and back fixes the problem and it begins to read
Tom Bisset

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Hi all. I have my Outlook mailbox views set up as grid views, one line per
message, with columns for attachment, sender, subject, received date, and
size. It's not the default view, but I imagine it's a fairly common
customization that many Outlook users employ.

Prior to today's v16.0.4463 upgrade, as I arrowed to each message, JAWS
would say the word "unread" if the message is unread, followed by the
sender's name, followed by the subject, received date, and size. Basically
would read every column for the highlighted email message.

After the upgrade, this is no longer the case. I still get "unread"
announced correctly for an unread email, but nothing else is read aloud.
Arrowing down through messages I've already read results in JAWS being
completely silent. INSERT+UP ARROW to read current line reads nothing.

Is anyone else seeing this behavior?

I've emailed FS's support email address, and am awaiting a response.

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