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Annabelle Susan Morison

What I'm actually looking for are the "View Options" in Itunes.

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I thought the keystroke was Ctrl+, (the comma key).

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Hi there! I believe you can get to the preferences for iTunes by pressing
control plus the letter K. If not, I would press the alt key, and then
right arrow to the edit menu. That is where the preferences option is
located in iTunes.

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Hi, it's Annabelle.
I'm not sure if this is the right department for this question, but here
goes. I'm having trouble finding the View Options for a CD. I want to sort
the songs so they appear in order of track numbers, but it seems as though
they want to appear by name or as a manual order. How would I get to the
"View Options" dialog to fix it? I tried pressing Control+J, but nothing
happens. Also, is there a way for me to fix it so the CD appears in the
"source List", along with Music, Purchased, and all the other playlists I
have? In older versions of ITunes, Specifically ITunes 8.1 and earlier,
there was a tree view of items, the Source List, and when I inserted a CD,
the CD would appear in that source list. Now in newer versions of ITunes, I
expect it to appear in the list of Playlists, apparently the new-fangled
version of the Source List, but it's not there.
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