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Hi, it's Dave.
I suggest you listen to the podcasts on the FS training web site that talk
about navigating around in iTunes. There's just too much clutter in iTunes
to make it easy to give spot advice.

Dave Carlson
Oregonian, woodworker, Engineer, Musician, and Pioneer

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Hi, it's Annabelle.
I'm not sure if this is the right department for this question, but here
goes. I'm having trouble finding the View Options for a CD. I want to sort
the songs so they appear in order of track numbers, but it seems as though
they want to appear by name or as a manual order. How would I get to the
"View Options" dialog to fix it? I tried pressing Control+J, but nothing
happens. Also, is there a way for me to fix it so the CD appears in the
"source List", along with Music, Purchased, and all the other playlists I
have? In older versions of ITunes, Specifically ITunes 8.1 and earlier,
there was a tree view of items, the Source List, and when I inserted a CD,
the CD would appear in that source list. Now in newer versions of ITunes, I
expect it to appear in the list of Playlists, apparently the new-fangled
version of the Source List, but it's not there.
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