Re: JAWS 16 with emulation program, TN3270

Kimber Gardner

I use Attachmate reflexion as my emulator and I used to use Passport
which I thought worked better with Jaws. Although there weren't any
scripts needed for either package, it's critical that the font be
smaller than 9. If it's not the cursor won't track properly.


On 10/14/15, Bissett, Tom via Jfw <> wrote:
Hi, I am not sure which emulator this is. If it is the PCom 3270 from IBM
then yes I am running it on a win 7 64 bit machine. There are settings that
need to be set in order for jaws to work. You need to set the cursor to
underline and blinking otherwise jaws can't track it. I don't remember
whether there are other settings to be changed.
Because emulators are one window displays scripting is often required to get
the emulator to behave comfortably. Over the years I have seen a variety of
scripts but none met my need or likes so I did create scripts to accommodate
the way I use and navigate the emulator window.
Tom Bisset
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I'm surveying JAWS users that use the emulation program, T3270. We will be
running in 64-bit Windows 7/Office 2010.
Did this program work with your JAWS users? Did you have to write scripts
in order for it to work properly?

Currently we have to use 32-bit Attachmate EXTRA and 32-bit PC's for our
users that use JAWS 15.

Bob Aquino
ITU Probation
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