Re: Jaws13.0 beta


Just to let you all know, Excel 2007 now works with JAWS 13. And that was my
biggest complaint.

They did take my favorite keystrokes for reading top 4 and leftmost 4 cells
and give them over to the new Insert+Shift, T table navigation set with a
completely unimaginative set of Alt+1 through 8 keys, so I added my own
keystrokes to these and fixed that problem.

So far JAWS 13 is behaving no worse than JAWS 12 in general situations
overall, and perhaps more responsive.

Again bear in mind that I'm still using XP Pro and the Office 2007 suite.

The Convenient OCR feature is pretty good, although I haven't tried too many
examples of it.

Of course ResearchIt is broken for some of the sites, but that's not a JAWS

Note that I copied over my JAWS 12 Place Markers, Personalized Settings, and
JAWS dictionary files. I *did not* use the merge feature.

And I definitely modified the OCR voice to something less drastic.

Pretty good so far, right out of the box.

I think my theory of odd-numbered versions of JAWS being the best is holding

Dave Carlson

From my Dell Latitude 630.

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