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Carolyn Arnold <4carolyna@...>

My status line, now that Microsoft Disability worked on it in Outlook
2013 says something like:

You have 16 messages in your inbox; one unread; connectivity to server;
filter applied 10 percent.

It used to just give that filter message. I hated it. I like to know how
many messages that I have read and unread. I really don't care anything
about filter and how much, as long as my computer works.

Another thing that I had to do in Outlook, and I can't remember how I
did, but when I found it by accident, I went into all my boxes and gave
the command so that if a message is unread, it continues to say unread
even if I have arrowed across it. I can't remember that command, would
have to go on a fishing expedition to do it again.

Bye for now,


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The status line in outlook 2010 says 'filter applied, 10%". I don't know
what is being filtered or how to get rid of it. I went into view and
sniffed around, hit all the 'clear all' buttons I could find, and it
still says 'filtered applied, 10%". It says there are
2794 unread messages in the inbox, but I don't know how many are showing.

Any rescue would be appreciated!!!

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