Re: Tunein Radio has all NFL and MLB for $7.95 a month with 10 day freetrial.

Brent Harding

They must have slipped the NFL stuff in there quietly. I thought all they had was MLB, audio books, and the rest of Tunein was the free stuff we all have for free with the site or app.

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Hi All,

Back a few weeks ago, I asked what accessible web sites folks knew of that included NFL and MLB. It was mentioned how expensive and cumbersome the official MLB and NFL sites had become.

I even tried Sirius XM, the online service, but found that the NFL was not available with the online product, only if you had one of their receivers.

Today I went back to Tunein and discovered that with the $7.95 monthly premium package, you get a very clean interface to the live audio for each game. With either the tab key or going through the JAWS key plus F7 list, you just arrow down to the game you want and hit enter.

My apologies if I just did not understand that Tunein had just what I was hoping for. I wanted to pass this along in case others did not know.

Tim Ford
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