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Each university has a specific department that coordinates all ADA related
issues between faculty, staff and student body. You need to ask for the
contact information of this specific department and engage of them directly.
Certainly, as you have experienced, if you don't take the initiative no one
else will. The lesson to be learned here is not to wait for anyone to call
you back rather, follow up with them based on a time line that you deem

Best of success...

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Subject: Accessible education university in US

Hi all,

I am looking for a university where I can do online classes for Human
Resources Business administration and management in the US . I have been in
contact by phone with several universities but when I ask them about the
accessibility on their web sites, or accessibility in the books that I need
to buy for each class, then their answers ends. I have been in contact with
17 different universities online, and all of them said that the
accessibility department will call me back, but I have been waiting more
than one year for those calls.

Guys, are you studying in Universities online?

Does anybody know a university, where their online classes are accessible?

And also the books are accessible?

My wife is low vision, and she had a lot of accessibility problems in the
university where she was studying . I am totally blind, and I have no way to
study if I found a platform not accessible, or books not accessible either.

Does anybody here know system better, what I can do if I need to continue my
education after I lost my vision?

What are the accessible resources today?

Thanks for all,


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