Re: Using Jaws with Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Micro for Arduino

John Pocs <jpocs@...>

Hello E. Sakthivel,

I don't know of any tutorial about Jaws with Visual Studio, but there is an
Accessability teanm at Microsoft that is commited to make Visual Studio
compatible with Jaws.
Please check out the link below
You can find some good information here.

Good luck,


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you have tutorial for visual studio with jaws note.
Please send me.
I am search for this subject. Because I want work visual basic, visual c,
visual C++ and visual c# net software using JAWS software.

On 10/8/15, John Pocs via Jfw <> wrote:
Hi all,

I'm using Jaws 16 with Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Micro Arduino
plug in extension.

Some of the combo boxes do not open the lists when pressing ALT+Down

This might be application related or perhaps script related.

By the way, Visual Studio 2013 uses the script file for the 2010
version and there is no newer one in Jaws 16.

Is there anyone using this development environment and perhaps can
provide some feedback?



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