Re: Non-Tablet Notebooks or Laptops that Work Well with Jaws

Brad Martin

As someone else asked, what's your budget? At work, (I work for a non-profit, so we're always thinking cheap but functional), I've found a source for refurbished laptops. I've never been a fan of refurbs, but we bought four of them last year and had zero problems with them. I've also ordered a couple of their desktops, which worked well also. With this particular site, everything they have is pretty much Windows 7. You just have to be careful. Lately they've been offering machines with lots of RAM, but a 32-bit version of Windows which can't take advantage of it. If you've got the money for new, there's nothing wrong with that; but if you're on a tight budget, something like this might work for you; and compared to the Aspire you referenced, it's got a much faster processor, higher cache (though smaller hard drive), and definitely powerful enough to do most anything. And with coupon code TECH you can get it for around $340, though it looks like they only have one of this particular model left. A Latitude 5430 is a tank, and probably about two to three years old. Link is here:

For what it's worth.

Brad Martin

On 10/8/2015 1:24 PM, Dave Van Der Molen via Jfw wrote:
I'm running Jaws 16.

I'm looking for a laptop that doesn't have touch-screen capabilities but works well with Jaws 16.

I want the laptop to have all the keys a desktop keyboard would have, except the numeric keypad. Should have at least 4gb of ram and a fast processor.

One I'm looking at right now is an Acer Aspire ES1 512 P0SY Notebook PC. Are Acer Aspire notebooks usually okay to use with Jaws?



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