Re: jaws IE11 and netflix.

Greg Nickel I did a system restore after dealing with tech and installing the
silverlite and having no good effect. The system restore took me back to
before I did the uninstall and reinstall of IE10/11. Always a good thing to
keep in your back pocket for any inexplicable problems that pop up.

As far as the search box, I noted this change too and you have to click on a
link first to browse so look for a link that will take you to the search

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I think that it is a graphics issue. I have used both IE11 and
Firefoxand the changes made last year, have been worse for screen reader

I'm using the Canadian NetFlix site. Last year they updated the web site
and I lost access to the search field. It used to be an edit field that
JAWS could find, and now it is an icon that JAWS cannot find.

Do the American users of NetFlix have the same problem searching for a
title? Is there a way around.

Peter T.

On 2015-10-08 10:48 PM, Greg Nickel via Jfw wrote:
Can anyone tell me the fix for the following?

I recently uninstalled IE11 reverting back to 10 then when I experienced
problems with how jaws was interacting with 10 I reinstalled 11. It seems
that on Netflix in particular the titles of selections as links are now
being read as numbers and not the written title.

Any suggestions?

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