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I'm not seeing the unlabeled buttons in Firefox 41.0.1, but I installed some sort of add-on that returned Firefox to a classic look, whatever that means. I haven't noticed any problems at work though. I'll look tomorrow. No add-ons there. Frankly, I don't usually know when Firefox has upgraded until I hit Control insert V to find out the version number.

Brad Martin

On 10/8/2015 9:49 AM, Robert Logue via Jfw wrote:
Tabbing through a bunch of unlabeled buttons after the address bar. This just started. I believe they were a list of different search engines before.

Navigating the main interface toolbars tabs search bar and such seems more difficult lately.

After adding a favorite, Need to shift tab to get to the document but now I end up on unlabeled buttons.
I can't find any options to change the toolbar arrangement or behavior.

Guess I need to press f6 to get past those buttons and back to the document now. But a single f6 takes me to a place where Jaws speaks nothing and I need to press f6 twice.
Also if one is at the top of the document and press shift-tab once and ends up in the address search bar. Need to pass all those buttons again.

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