JAWS 13 pauses while moving in lists

Rob <lister@...>

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced the following behavior with JAWS? Mostly noticeable while using the arrow keys and moving up and down the list of files within Windows Explorer or other dialogs with list items such as in Control Panel or device manager. I will be moving down through the list of filenames and JAWS will freeze for 15 to 30 seconds before resuming. Can't seem to figure what it's trying to do during that time. As far as I can tell, it happens at random time intervals. I'd say at least every 30 to 45 seconds or so. This was also happening when I was using the last two releases of JAWS 12 and I had to roll back to v12.0.1167 for this problem to disappear. Not sure if it's just a problem on my machine or on others as well. Funny how if it is just local to my machine how rolling back a couple releases fix the issue which lead me to believe the problem is in the latest few builds of JAWS. So before I go any further trying to figure it out, has anyone else seen this on your computers?

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