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I wonder if PCMOVER would do this for you. It is designed to move files
from an old PC to a new one. A friend of mine recently used this to finish
the set up of my wife's new/used PC. Someone else on this list should be
able to tell you how to find it online, and I believe that it is "free".

Jim H

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Evening all.
I am really considering upgrading to W10 fromW7.
Now the question...
As my system now sits, with some extra programs,Anti Virus things, Favorite
Web sites, documents, Winamp and MP3 files, Scanner program, Printer files,
and so on for all the existing things on this computer.
What would I be getting, just a blank system with all the things that MS
would be installing with it, and not having any of my existing things, for
lack of a better word, and have to start all over again?
Hope you understand what I am asking, because some of you might have asked
this same question to yourselves.

Thanks for any responses.
If you would want to answer this query to me personally so as to not clutter
the list, please do so.
I am really interested in doing this, because there sure has not been a
great amount of negative things said.
Again, sorry to carry on.
Morey Worthington
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