Re: Help needed with a focus bluetooth display and jaws

david <davidwhitehead1957@...>

hello my first thought is,
does your laptop support bluetooth?
I did find these instruction through google.

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Subject: Help needed with a focus bluetooth display and jaws

Hi All,

I recently got a focus display and have been using it successfully
with the USB connection. However, despite several extended googling
sessions and multiple calls to FS for tech assistance, I am unable to
get the display functioning via the Bluetooth connection.

I have repeatedly paired and removed the display, checked and messed
around with com port settings and banged my head on the desk out of
sheer frustration.

As I said, I know the display is working via USB with the laptop. It
is also working via Bluetooth with my iPhone. But for my life, I
cannot get it working via Bluetooth with my windows 7 laptop. There is
a tech support ticket open at FS though I'm not very optimistic.

If anyone here would be willing to help me I will be very grateful.

Thanks much in advance.



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