Now I have a new scanner...Epson...JAWS accessible

Peter Tesar

Hello List,

I couldn't find an HP flatbed scanner so I settled for the Epson Perfection V370 /color Photo flatbed scanner. The Staples online list price was $149 and the daily sale price I got, was $119.
No shipping charge and next day delivery made it a good deal.

Some of you gave suggestions and others may be interested in some details.

It does the basics that I want

. A single button to do the simple scanning of 1 document and another button to do the scanning of several documents into 1 PDF file.

There is no old type menu line or ribbon menu. The dialogue box has the conventional buttons and combo box that you can tab to -- close, help, scan and custom.

All I needed to do was change the default output file to PDF.

When you change one of the combo box choices:

Full Auto, Home, Office and Professional

the dialogue box objects change.

Once the scan is complete, the file is put into "My Pictures" and JAWS announces that the "My Pictures" folder has come up. I just highlight the file name and use the JAWS OCR on the PDF document.

The buttons to copy (directly to the printer) and send to e-mail, do not seem to work for me, not with Windows 7 and 10. Maybe I will figure it out later.

These two tasks can be done with Windows. Highlight the scanned file and use the Windows Application Key to select either "Print" or "send to" e-mail.

The only online help is when in a dialogue box, select the "Help" button to get more explanation of each object in that dialogue box. For help on other topics, I had to go to the web for a user guide.

I am pleased with this new scanner to replace the 20 year old clunker I gave up. It is smaller, quieter and faster.

Peter T.

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