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Hi Mike,

I've got Word 2013, and the way I would do this is to go to the Page
Layout tab on the ribbon and choose Columns. I don't use the virtual
ribbons, so the keystrokes for this are Alt, P, J.

That gives me a menu from which I can choose the number of columns.

Be aware that if you read back a document with columns in Page Layout
view and you move by line, you'll only get the first column. Options
are to read by paragraph of put the document into Draft view, and then
you'll get it all.


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Hi All,

An acquaintance is trying to do the following running Windows 7, J16, &

I would like to set a blank document page up to be written in columns.
I want to just be able to start typing at the top, have the information
confined to the first column, and when I hit the bottom of that column,
have the cursor automatically jump to the top of the second column and
continue as though I hadn't ever finished the page. Does that make

Does anyone have steps on how the above can be performed? All help
will be greatly appreciated. Thanks much.

Take care.
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