Jaws 16 cut off completely on desktop window10!!

O.Addison Gethers

Hello All,

I had mention about this before ,I don't think it's the driver !! Thursday
night I was open microsoft words document that where jaws cut off completely
and I have try every jaws keystroke command to activate jaws back on and
nothing successfully not able to come back on !! So I call freedom
scientific technical support to report the issue about jaws cut off
completely the man ask me to do jaws tandem so he can find out why jaws
isn't saying anything at all so he told me there is no voice in jaws and
didn't do anything to fix the jaws problem to get jaws working at all!! My
sister told me she saw on the screen efore I call fs she say it's say
reinstalled windows and reinstalled jaws !! I have jaws 16 and window10 on
desktop !! This is thre 3rd time jaws cut off ,Mr. James repaired and
reinstalled jaws 16 2 time !! I have jaws 16 on window10 laptop and had no
problem jaws cut off on it at all and it's working fine on laptop !!! I
thought when fs tech support told me that there is no voice I thought he
suppose to help me to get jaws voice back by fixing te problem ,so I don't
know what to do from thisw point.


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