Re: Excel shortcut key help

Ann Byrne

I'm not sure this is what you are looking for. Maybe. ...

To create a JAWS file that will speak the column names
1. Move the cursor to the row with the column headers.
2. Press--altogether now!--insert-control-alt-c.

this creates a .jsi file in JFW. To have Excel assign bookmarks to the column headers while using JAWS
1. Move the cursor to the row with the headers.
2. Press alt-m, then m again.JAWS will say "define name ...'
3. Press enter.
4. Type 'column title' and press enter.

Good luck!

At 09:10 AM 10/4/2015, you wrote:
Okay, I am having a brain fade moment. What is the shortcut keystroke to
name columns in Excel? I got totally lost when I found the instructions on
giving the worksheet names and cell coordinates and the like. Would anyone
be able to help out?


Lee Anne

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