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Add account is what you want.

Kimsan Song

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Now, I want to add Hotmail to
Outlook. I was told to go to
Create Account. Is Create
Account in Outlook? I assumed
it was. It was late here last
night when I read that one,
but saved it in my keeper

Bye for now,


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How do I do this?

I have these steps here but
what does jaws look for
relating to step 1.

Delete or Close

1. Sign into your Outlook
account and click on the gear
icon in the upper-right

2. From the options available,
choose 'More mail settings'.
You will be presented with the
following options:

list of 4 items

. Managing your account

. Writing email

. Preventing junk email

. Customizing Outlook

list end

3. From the above, select
'Managing your account'.
Immediately you will be
directed to a new page
displaying your 'Account
Summary' and 'Password and


4. Just scroll-down the page.
There you will find the 'Close
Click on the option.

5. Now, before you close your
account permanently, Outlook
will request you to check
'privacy and cookies'
statement. In addition to
this, it will provide

you information on - what
happens to your info if you
choose to close your account.

6. Then finally it will ask
you to verify your account to
close it down.

7. In the end, you will be
asked to deactivate your
Hotmail account. Once you do
it your account will be

Microsoft reserves your email
address even after you have
closed your account for a
period of 270 days. Within
this period if you would like
to reactivate

your account, you could easily
do so.

Kimsan Song

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