Re: E-mail Program Suggestions?


How do you get Windows Live Mail?
Is it still available?

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I personally use Windows live mail. I have been using it for several years

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On Oct 2, 2015, at 11:02 PM, Brad Martin via Jfw <>

I use Thunderbird and love it love it love it! Works very well with
Windows 7 and JAWS 15. Plus, using IMAP has never worked more smoothly. IMAP
is a way to manage your mail across multiple devices, which should appeal to
you if you have two laptops. (IMAP is kind of the opposite of POP3.) In
IMAP, the mail lives on the server, so whichever laptop you're using, all
your mail is there and available to you. I never liked the way IMAP worked
in Outlook Express, but it's been fantastic for me in Thunderbird.


On 10/2/2015 9:33 PM, Claudia via Jfw wrote:
Other than MS Outlook, are there any other e-mail programs that
people are using that are free to download?

I have a licenced copy of MS Outlook 2010, but I had a lot of
difficulty installing it, on my new laptop, about two months ago.
I now have a back-up laptop and need an e-mail program.
Any suggestions?

I have used Thunderbird in the past and wonder, if it's gotten better?

I have Windows 7 on that laptop, with JFW 16.


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