Re: Jaws getting tired

Maria Campbell

I have found J 16 to be generally less stable than 15. I don't see much worth while in upgrading to 17, unless it can be proven more stable than 16. I'll be waiting and listening for future reports.

On 10/2/2015 7:40 AM, Morey Worthington via Jfw wrote:
Morning all,
Using Jaws 16, newest bill, and Windows7 HP.
When working in Wordpad, and doing this for a while, Jaws will just stop
working and all the keys, naturally, stop working. It will not come back
and I then have to get out of Jaws and restart it, meaning Jaws, and
then it works for a while again.
It just gets tired. Any thoughts on what might fix this situation or has
anyone else had this issue?
Morey Worthington

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