Re: how do I find labels for a program?

Kevin Hourigan <kevinthourigan@...>

Hello David,
Is this what you had in mind?

After using the Auto Graphics Labeler, you can use CTRL+INSERT+SHIFT+G to
bring up the Select Graphic to Click Dialog box. With this dialog box, you
can use your arrow keys to move through the available graphics, and then
press the TAB key to move to the OK button and press ENTER to activate the
graphic you selected.
Cheers Kevin

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Subject: how do i find labels for a program?

Hi list members, I'm using a new program that doesn't have jaws scripts
written for it. I used the autographics labeler but the problem is how do I
now find the newly labeled graphics? I need to determin if the graphics
refer to buttons or what. Thank you for any information that you might

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