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hi all,

I am using jaws 12 with window 7.

I want to know how many percentage of CPU are being used when I am
activating specific software such as Jaws and Window live mail, for example.
I go to task manager by pressing the combination of ctrl+shift+escape then
ctrl+tab to process plage.

The dialogue gives out a lot of information. How can I know the percentage
of used space in my CPU?

thank in advance for any helps that you provide

Ngoc Ly
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Yes, some stuff has been updated. Once you send me the translations you
have, I'll update the files and resend them.
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The work for Dutch is nearlly completed.
Did you change things in the last 1,5 months?

Op 17-9-2011 23:49, John Martyn schreef:
Hi all,
As for wrapping up the blind tunes project, I am focusing on the
translations for it. You can translate to any language you like and I
need some volunteers.
Already I have the following languages going or in process:
Dutch, finnish, hebrew, portuguese, spanish, swedish, and italian.
If uou would like to take a swing at it and would like being included in
the special thanks section, please write back to
Thanks so much for your contributions thus far,
John Martyn
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