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paul lemm


Sorry the shortcut key for maximising the window is actually alt and space
bar then scroll down to maximise



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Dear Listers:

When I use Outlook 2010 and try to search a folder, after I enter the
term(s) I want to search for, I hit the tab key once where I have the option
of either searching in the subject line only or searching in the subject
field and message body or search frequently used items. Whenever I try to
arrow up and down, JAWS does not speak, and I have to use the Read Current
Line keystroke in order to see what item is selected. This happens on my
home computer where I am using the latest update to JAWS 16. On my computer
at work where I am using JAWS 15, I do not encounter this problem and JAWS
speaks every time I arrow up and down, as it is supposed to do. Is this a
bug in JAWS 16, or can I do something to rectify the problem?

Rick Miller

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