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Paul Martz <skewmatrix@...>

JAWS scripting itself doesn't seem to be particularly difficult to use, but
it's all the Windows API and user interface stuff -- window handles, control
IDs, etc -- that is the challenging part, and that is what has impeded my
progress from being effective at JSL. Unfortunately, they are part and
parcel, as JSL is essentially a wrapper around Win32 programming.

And that's exactly the problem you're running into.

I'd recommend the JAWS scripting mailing list. I have enumerated JSL
resources on my blog page:

Hope that helps,

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Hi all, I wrote last week about the scripting question I had for my job.
Well, I
am still playing with it and have another question. I figured out a way I
get the dialer window to focus. I use the move to window function, and it
works perfectly. Only problem, every time I have to restart the program,
control ID for that specific control changes. Then, in order for my script
work again, I have to manually put in the new control ID. Is there a way
deal with that? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I cannot use
hotspot clicker, because they don't allow for downloading programs off
websites that are not specifically approved by the company. Thanks in
advance for any help, and if no one can help can you please direct me to a
better place to inquire about this?

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