Bug with temporary speech rate change?

Paul Martz <skewmatrix@...>

Hi all. I'm using current JAWS v16. My question regards the ability to
temporarily change the speech rate with CONTROL + ALT + PageUp or PageDown.

I expected this setting to stick with the application while it was running.
In other words, if I set a slow rate in Outlook, but a fast rate in Internet
Explorer, then I should be able to switch between those two programs with
ALT + TAB and have either slow or fast speech depending on which program has
focus. If I exit the program and restart it, then I'd expect the speech rate
to be restored to the default. But while the program is running, I'd expect
the temporary speech rate setting to stay in effect, even after I switch
back to the program from somewhere else.

What I see instead: Switching away from a program then back to it with ALT +
TAB seems to cause JAWS to forget about the temporary speech rate setting
for that program. Text from the program is then read at the default speech
rate rather than my temporary setting. Note that I'm not exiting the
program. It's still running, I'm just changing focus with ALT+TAB away, then
back to the running program again. But JAWS seems to have forgotten the
temporary speech rate that I had set for that program.

If I'm not mistaken, it has been sticky for the program up until some
relatively recent JAWS update, and now I'm getting this new behavior where
JAWS forgets about the speech rate setting after switching away and back.
Has it always worked this way, and I'm somehow mistaken? Or is this a bug?

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