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Adrian Spratt


In some menus, JAWS verbalizes either "open" or 'closed" against names of folders that contain subfolders. If closed, pressing the right arrow will open a list of the subfolders.

I'm guessing this is what Judith is referring to, suggesting how she would navigate to the folder she wants.

But this is moot. She's solved her problem.

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It sounds like you're talking about text selection in MS Word. If you have
some text selected, and you want to unselect it, you hit an arrow key.
That's totally correct. But I have no idea what that would have to do with
creating folders.

I'm talking about file selection in Windows Explorer list view, or the File
Save dialog list view. This is where you would be creating a folder.

If you're in Windows Explorer list view, or the File Save dialog list view,
hitting up or down arrow changes the selection, but something is still
selected. The only way I know to unselect an item in a list viewis to hit
CONTROL + SPACE, and after that, your context menu will have a New submenu,
so you can create a new folder.

Sorry for any mniscommunication.

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Paul, In XP and even in 2010 when I want to unselect something I just hit
arrow key. Is this now obsolete even though it works in most cases that I
know about?

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