Re: problem with creating a folder

Paul Martz <skewmatrix@...>

I think the problem you ran into was that you had something selected in the
list view. When something is selected in the list view, the context menu
does not contain a New submenu. You must unselect your current selection
with CONTROL + SPACE first, and then the New submenu will be available.

Here's some info about how I use the application key to create new folders.

You can always see your current location by hitting ALT + D to go to the
address window. INSERT + UP ARROW to read the contents, if necessary. Do
this to verify you're about to create the folder in the correct / desired

SHIFT + TAB backwards from there to get to the list view (might be something
other than list view, depending on how you've customized it, but I think
list view is pretty common: It's the contents of your current location.

Hit CONTROL + SPACE until you hear it say "not selected". Then hit the
application key to bring up the context menu. Hit W for the New submenu, and
select Folder. You now have a new folder, and you're in edit mode on the
folder name. Type in the desired folder name, then press enter when done.

Good luck.

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