Re: problem with creating a folder

Kimber Gardner

You probably didn't create it under documents. Try going back into
word and go through the steps to create a new folder once again. This
time instead of creating another folder, back tab from the new folder
name and see where your folders are being placed when you creat them.
Once you know where the folder was created, cancel out of that
operation and go to wherever your new folder is.

I hope that's clear.


On 9/25/15, j Bron via Jfw <> wrote:
OK, I created it using Control N. Then I tried naming it, exiting out of
and accessing it through my documents. It wasn't there. When I went back
to applications all my folders are there but all except the one I just
created are also in the documents folder. What's going on? Am I doing
something wrong? Thanks, Judith

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try typing control plus n.

On 9/25/2015 7:33 AM, j Bron via Jfw wrote:
I just tried creating a folder in Word. I went to My Documents, hit
the applications key and arrowed down. I never got a New command.
Does anyone have additional advice on creating a folder? Best, Judith

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