Accessing specific responses to a posting.

Justin Mc.devitt <jusliz@...>

Hello Listmembers:

Some minutes ago, I was using the JAWS search command to search for specific
response entries to a message that had been posted to the list.

After arrowing down through the listings at the beginning of the digest, I
identified a number of responses to the query.

When I input the JAWS Find Command, the content specific to the first entry
was not presented. Rather than scrolling through anywhere from 30 to 50
entries per digest, (which includes the original message from the sender as
well as responses), I thought this might be an easier way to target the
entries that I want to read rather than using the down-arrow key.

Ultimately, is there a way to target and read specific responses to a
posting using the JAWS Find Command or some other command?


Justin McDevitt

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