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douglas richard dexheimer

can you show me how to do that, using windows 7, nvda, and whichever browser you use? none of the browsers I tried worked for me.
also how do I fast forward or rewind in youtube using nvda? I find play/pause, next and previous buttons on the site, but the next and previous buttons simply take me to the next or previous video in a group or mix by a certain artist or under a particular theme. I want to be able to go forward or back in smaller increments in the same video (especially a long video or mix, like say a complete carpenters discography). which browser will work with jaws 13 so I can turn the virtual cursor on and off in youtube and use j, k and l to control the player--unless there's a way to do likewise with nvda? thanks.

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On 9/25/2015 12:49 AM, Marsha via Jfw wrote:
I have never tried the desktop app. I just use the website with
Winamp as my player. Hope that helps.


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