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Lee Anne Atkinson


I currently use the Das Keyboard (USB only). It is clicky, extremely
durable ( a must as a medical transcriptionist) and has 2 additional USB
ports on the back for charging other USB devices. It is fairly
small/compact and I will never use anything else. I used to wear out other
keyboards at the rate of 1 per year. I can get 3+ years out of a Das

Lee Anne

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Hello listmembers:

For a month or so now, I have been using a Dell laptop which was issued to
me by AmeriCorps, the parent organization of a Career Education /social
services organization that I will begin working for on Oct 5.

I have become somewhat used to the smaller keys on the laptop. However, I
seem to be making more typos with this smaller built-in keyboard, then with
the traditional USB connected keyboards that I have used with my home PC,
(which have larger keys.)

I want to use a keyboard that will promote and benefit efficiency, comfort
and competence, where there is some height difference between the individual
keyboard rows.

One of the JFW tech support staff at Freedom Scientific recommended the
Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 Bluetooth Keyboard which includes a
built-in palm pad.

A tech savvy friend of mine recommended the Microsoft 4000 series keyboard,
(USB only) because from a visual perspective, it looks to be more ergonomic,
with larger key position keys.

If anyone uses either of these two keyboards, or has a recommendation from
another manufacturer, this would really be appreciated.


Justin McDevitt

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