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yes, thanks Ann.

On 9/24/2015 10:48 AM, Ann Byrne via Jfw wrote:
Excel needs to know that you are entering a formula instead of data. So
for example if you type into a cell "2+3" you might just be talking
about 2+3=17, not wanting Excel to calculate it. To tell Excel you are
entering a formula, you first press the = (equals) sign. JAWS will say
"type in a formula and press enter".

Formula coordinates can be entered in at least two ways.
1. Enter numbers, =2+3 and press enter. JAWS will read the sum, 5.
2. Use cell attributes for your data. =a1+a2 enter. If a1 is 4 and a2
is 6, JAWS will read the sum, 10.

The beauty of Excel is that when the number in a1 changes, the sum in
the formula cell changes to reflect that. So if your formula is in a3,
and instead of 4 in a1 you have 17, the number in a3 will change from 10
to 23 without your doing anything to it.

If you put numbers into a cell instead of cell coordinates, of course,
you have to change the number.

Excel is a sheet of rows and columns. The rows are designated by
numbers and the columns by letters. So the third column in the second
row would be c2. Columns always come before rows, just as 'c' comes
before 'r'.


At 09:12 AM 9/24/2015, you wrote:
I've been following this thread, and I'd also would like to understand
formulas, especially if there's a method to building your own.I think
this kind of information is invaluable, especially myself.

On 9/24/2015 9:19 AM, Barbara Hansen via Jfw wrote:
Hi Barbara M

The instructions you sent regarding excel were great! They provided the
basic info I needed to better understand the excel program.

I believe there is also something involved regarding doing formulas
in order
for the program to calculate and total numbers. Any help regarding this
would also be appreciated.

I have listened to a web&R training from Freedom Scientific on creating
headers and formula's, but, honestly, the presentation was not very
to me. I think there was about 3 sentences throughout the
presentation, that
might be helpful to me.Glad I wasn't paying for it.

I would like to communicate with you off list, if that's okay. My
email is:

Thanks for your clear explanation of excel.

Barbara Hansen

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