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Thanks Steve. I'm not using Outlook 2003 myself, and I had posted this query
for a client. I worked with her this morning, and now have her successfully
using the View menu Arrange By submenu to sort her emails as desired. She's
not a terribly adept computer user, but I walked her through this a couple
times and made sure she could do it on her own at least three times.


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Hi Paul,

The following might be more detail than you want, but I wrote some notes
on this topic in 2006 when I worked for RNIB. They assume JAWS 6 or 8.

1. Sorting by the Arrange By submenu of the View menu

The items in the Arrange By submenu change according to the type of folder
you are in, and the view you have for that folder.

For Mail folders using the default view, the first thirteen items in the
Arrange By submenu offer different criteria by which the current folder
be sorted. For Calendar, Contact and Notes folders using the default view,
there are no options in the Arrange By submenu for sorting items.

Most of the criteria for Mail and Tasks folders are self-explanatory, but
few points are worth making:
* Not all the criteria necessarily refer to fields which are on screen.
* The Conversation and Subject options both arrange messages according to
their Subject, but Conversation groups the messages and only shows the
latest message.
* The Folder option is only available in search folders, where items from
more than one folder may appear.
* The Email account is not very useful within RNIB, because each member of
staff has only one email account.
* You can use the Arrange By submenu to check how the folder is currently
sorted; the relevant heading will be reported as "checked".

The benefit of this method of sorting messages is its ease. A downside is
that you can only choose from one of the predefined options - you cannot
choose, for instance, to have the messages listed with the latest message
the bottom of the list, only at the top.

2. Sorting by column headings with the JAWS cursor

The second way to sort messages makes use of the field headings that
appear above the list of messages. Some of the field headings are text and
some are icons. A mouse user can click on one of these headings to sort
messages by that field, and click a second time on the heading to reverse
the sort order. A keyboard user can use the JAWS cursor to accomplish the
same effect, but only on field headings that are text, which in the Inbox
means the From, Subject and Received field headings.

The steps required for this are: move to the first message in the list,
will be directly underneath the column headings. Then route the JAWS
cursor to the PC cursor and move up a line, find the heading you want to
by and click it. The keystrokes for this are as follows:
Home - to move to the first message in the list.
UpArrow to move up a line - if the folder is grouped, there is an extra
above the first message. If the folder isn't grouped, this keystroke does
Insert + NumPad Minus - to route the JAWS to the PC cursor.
UpArrow to move up a line; this should put the JAWS cursor on the column
Insert + RightArrow and Insert + LeftArrow to check which heading you are
on and to move to the one you want to sort the folder by.
NumPad slash - perform a left mouse click with the JAWS cursor on the
column heading with focus.
NumPad Plus - to switch back to the PC cursor.

You should now find that the messages are listed according to the column
heading you clicked on.

The JAWS Find feature can be used to search for field headings that
of text, i.e. the From, Subject and Received fields. Here are the
Control + Insert + F - starts the JAWS Find dialogue.
Type in the text of the field heading you are interested in.
Tab to the Direction radio button.
DownArrow to change it to "reverse".
Enter - to start the search. The JAWS cursor will find the field header
take focus.
NumPad slash - performs a left mouse click on the field header.
NumPad Plus - to switch back to the PC cursor.

Accessing the field headers that are icons is not so easy. Starting with
JAWS cursor on the From field header, press LeftArrow repeatedly to move
to the attachment field, the message type field and the importance field.
is still possible to do a left mouse click to sort by these fields, but
gives no feedback on any of the headers. As far as I know, it is not
to alter these field headers to anything other than an icon.

Hope that helps,
Steve Griffiths
Senior Assistive Technology Assistant
Working from home in Lancaster
E: steve.griffiths@...
T: 0746 871 1921

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