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Is the mcafee live safe interface a browser type interface?
I am not clear on what you want to do. Exactly what do you want the scripts to do. Are you trying to automate a task, find elements on the screen?
Tom Bisset

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Hi, how are you? I'm writing to ask if you understood my question concerning writing jaws scripts for programs that do not have scripts written for them! The question I have is concerning I know as an example there are some buttons when using mcafee live safe that I know where the buttons are, but the question is how do I write the scripts that when I get to these buttons that lets say that I use the space bar in order to activate the script, how should the script be written the other thing is that I'm not sure how jaws should be set to read these buttons or graphics. I'd like to know this as well to make sure that I have a grasp of what I'm doing! Thank you for any information that you might have. Thank you

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